Why the nissan.com domain does not belong to Nissan

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the story of the most famous legal dispute over a domain

the controversy over whether the nissan.com domain does not belong to Nissan is one of the most talked about in the world. We are faced with another case of a company not owning its brand domain name, but what’s the reason this time? in 1999, the Japanese automotive company Nissan was on the verge of bankruptcy and was acquired by the car manufacturer Renault. At the time of the acquisition, the production manager Carlos Ghosn discovers that the nissan.com domain name had already been registered years earlier by a US computer company. The computer company belongs to Uzi Nissan, an Israeli citizen residing in the US. Two years after the discovery, the automaker finds out that the nissan.net domain was also registered by Uzi Nissan, who had now acquired both of the automaker's fundamental domains.

"the controversy over the nissan.com domain does not belong to Nissan is one of the most talked about in the world"

the case of the nissan.com domain is unbelievable as it is still ongoing! Indeed, Carlos Ghosn has not yet managed to purchase the domains. If you type nissan.com on the web, in fact, you will find the website of the computer company with the logo of the car manufacturer company crossed out. The reasons for which the Nissan auto company never gave in to buying the nissan.com domain are still unclear given the amount of money spent on lawsuits against Uzi Nissan. The conclusion to date is that the automaker had to opt for the nissan-global.com domain name to occupy its space in the controversial world of the web.

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