How to make money with internet domains

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the strategies for making money by buying and selling internet domains

making money with internet domains is the new frontier of online investment. Buying and selling web domains is today a business opportunity capable of producing very high profits by offering an unprecedented scenario of savings and earnings. The sale and trading of internet domains is within everyone's reach, professionals and novice investors. A good knowledge of the web, combined with practice and a business-oriented mindset, are the key elements to start trading domains online.

what is an Internet Domain

an internet domain is the web address that you type in the browser URL to access a website. Internet domains or domain names must be registered according to the rules and procedures of the Domain Name System and are used specifically for naming and addressing. Domains are used to identify internet resources through a text label that is easier to memorize than the numerical addresses typically used in internet protocols. Domains are the specific recognition of a more representative web space for a company, for example, to make known the product and service offered. Let's say that you own a company or know about a company that deals with the sale of real estate, being the owners of the "houseselling" domain would make you a potential leader in the sector as well as being a profitable business opportunity in the domain trading market.

buying an Internet Domain

buying an internet domain is an opportunity to earn both if you want to open the website of a company or service you own, both if it represent an investment by providing the market a domain name that could be of interest to third parties.Internet domains are bought on dedicated online platforms and from the moment of purchase, you own the domain for a certain period of time. In the case of purchasing a domain for your company, the renewal of the same will be carried out from year to year; in the case of the purchase of a domain as an investment, all you have to do is buy a domain that is considered attractive and sell it obtaining as much of it as possible. Think how much the owner of the “pizzadelivery” domain could have sold it?

selling an Internet Domain

each internet domain has a cost based on the attractiveness of the domain on the market. It is essential that a domain contains the words that appear most on search engines and that reflect the current economic and commercial trends. Being a good internet domain seller means knowing how to understand which are the most profitable domains in a given historical moment. A reseller can either buy an already registered domain and make a profit by selling it, or register a new domain that is expected to have a high probability of sale. Selling a domain is simple and can be done in a number of ways. In general, the sale takes place on competent platforms where sellers and buyers interested in buying and selling meet.

"it is an innovative platform that conveys all these operations, giving its customers the opportunity to buy, sell, auction and invest on the internet domains of the world's leading registrars"

Cloudname is an innovative platform that conveys all these operations, giving its customers the opportunity to buy, sell, auction and invest on the internet domains of the world's leading registrars. Internet domains are an ever-growing market that has become the stage for some of the most profitable business operations in the industry today. Focusing on your passions, interests and goals is only the starting point for making domain trading a profitable and long-term source of income.

Cloudname offers the best platform for domain trading

Cloudname is a simple yet powerful tool through which you can discover new domains and find meaningful data of almost every registered domain.
Everything comes with a brand new design wrapper by a top-in-class platform.

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How does it work?

On 28/01/2023 a whitelist of eligible wallets will be published (any wallet holding $CNAME since before 27/01/2023 – NOTE: the tokens needs to be in a WALLET and not for example in an exchange)

Whitelisted users will be able to Redeem $CNAME directly on the Cloudname website.
The application page will allow users to connect their wallet and choose how many $CNAME to redeem.

Once the $CNAME are sent, users will immediately receive an email with a Freename promo code. Every promo code will be $100 max, and is not cumulative  (e.g. if you redeem $1,000 in $CNAME, you will receive 10x $100 promo-codes)

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