Elon musk buys the tesla.com domain for 11 mililion dollars

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the controversy over the internet domain of the Tesla car company

elon musk bought his company’s tesla.com domain for nearly $ 11 million, due to what is the most controversial internet domain dispute in recent years. It took Tesla’s CEO over 10 years to persuade Stuart Grossman, owner of the domain, to sell the rights of tesla.com.

for those who are not professionals in the sector, it is somewhat strange to understand why the legitimate CEO of a company does not have the rights to a domain that bears his name. In reality, those who are approaching the world of internet domains will easily understand that we are facing one of the most successful domain sales in contemporary history. Stuart Grossman, an engineer from Silicon Valley, created the fan page tesla.com in 1992 in honor of physicist and engineer Nikola Tesla. In 2003 in California, the famous car company Tesla was founded by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, without however owning the rights to the web domain of the same name. Since Elon Musk joined the company in 2004, Tesla was content with the teslamotors.com domain maintained for more than 10 years.

it was Elon Musk himself, on his social channels, who told the odyssey he experienced to register the tesla.com domain, underlining how the Tesla company was not satisfied with the previous one. In fact, the company goal has never been to tie itself solely to the automotive market but to present itself as a company with prospects that look far beyond the sale of cars. “It took us 10 years to buy the tesla.com domain and it cost us more than $ 10 million.”

“the most striking example of how profitable it can be today to own an internet domain”

only in 2016, Tesla managed to purchase the tesla.com domain from Stuart Grossman for $ 11 million. Grossman himself said he was relieved of the sale due to numerous privacy intrusions. The truth is that Grossman’s action is nothing more than the most striking example of how profitable it can be today to own an internet domain. Stuart Grossman could have been you!

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