The top 10 most expensive domains in the world

The top 10 most expensive domains in the world

which are the most expensive domains ever sold

buying a domain is an increasingly frequent action in the online trading market, but which are the most expensive ones ever sold in the world? The cost of acquiring a domain name is generally low and affordable, with the exception of so-called premium domains, the value of which can amount to a real fortune, cespecially if the content of the website itself is also being sold. As we have already anticipated here there are domains that have characteristics that make their value grow exponentially , even costing millions of dollars. Here is the Top 10 of the most expensive domains in the world:

1) - $ 345 Million

from 1999 to 2007 the business domain name increased its value by about 50 times, being bought by one of the largest yellow pages distributors in the US for $ 345 millio

2) - $ 90 Million

purchased by the same owner of so that both searches conveyed to the same travel agency in Las Vegas, this domain was paid a good 90 million dollars divided into installments that must be paid until 2040.

3) - $ 49.7 Million

californian company QuinStreet made a lot of talk over the past decade for having bought 3 big names in the insurance world at the same time. The most expensive was for nearly $ 50 million, which was already a successful site for finding car insurance policies.

4) - $ 36.6 Million

also purchased by the Quin Street company to eliminate competition in the insurance world

5) - $ 35 Million

purchased by the founder of HomeAway to prevent his main competitor Expedia from not doing it before him.

6) - $ 30.1 Million

purchased by Nations Luxury Transportation for its private jet rental, sale and purchase platform.

7) - $ 18 Million

once again, the purchase was made by the Quin Street company, which as an expert domain trader bought not only the main insurance-based domain names, but also other names considered interesting such as

8) - $ 17 Million

one of the rare cases of domains based on numbers with a very high value. Of great value in the Chinese market, numeric domains are indeed a rarity. This was sold by Vodafone in 2015 to the Qihoo administrator.

9) - $ 16 Million

another domain purchased by the giant QuinStreet, this is the first purchased that offers in addition to insurance offers also other useful information in the sector.

10) - $ 14 Million

domain entered the Guinness Book of Records for the many twists and turns of its existence. In 1995, entrepreneur Gary Kremen (founder of registered but did not use it to develop a site, but preferred to focus on Since then, the site has had several movie-worthy legal disputes: spam, money laundering, and fake shipments that lasted more than 16 years. It was resold by Sedo in 2010 for $ 14 million and is now in the hands of Clover Holdings LTD.

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How covid-19 impacted the domains business

How covid-19 impacted the domains business

how the pandemic has affected domain trading

COVID-19 has completely changed the world and it has also done so with the domain market. With the arrival of the pandemic, in fact, companies have found themselves forced to drastically switch to online services. Having a strong and reliable domain name has therefore become essential to say the least.

many new activities also arose in the pandemic period. After an initial contraction, in fact, many startups have begun to arise, making it necessary to demand the purchase of domains. Most of the startups that arose in the pandemic period have sprung up in the United States, where demand for consumer-facing premium .com has skyrocketed.

alongside them, the growing global adoption of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchains underlines how serious it is for a company not to keep up with current technology, being crushed by a global economy and a business ecosystem that is rapidly changing for always.

according to the most basic notions of marketing, demand increases supply. In the case of the domain market, prices have increased dramatically due to the decrease in the inventory of available domain names. In fact, there are so many businesses that needed to purchase a post-COVID-19 domain that their value has skyrocketed, significantly increasing the number of new investors in the market.

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