A Beginners Guide to Emoji Domains

A Beginners Guide to Emoji Domains

The internet has been around for a while now. Since its conception in 1981, the internet has gone a long way. Nowadays, we have complex websites with tons of unique features that we would have never imagined back in the day.

And one of the newest innovations for people looking to register websites is emoji domains. Yes, you read that right, emoji domains.

These are domain names that feature emojis. For example, Budweiser owns the “🍺🍺🍺” domain name which is a completely new take on how to create memorable websites that all your visitors can easily remember and type out.

With that said, emoji domains offer a pretty mixed bag of opportunities. As much potential as they have, there are also some drawbacks to using an emoji domain name for your website.

So, to help you out, we’ve created a comprehensive guide to emoji domains. This guide is designed for beginners, providing clear and concise information to enable you to confidently take a step into the world of emoji domains..

Keep reading to learn more.

What Is An Emoji Domain?

As the name suggests, an emoji domain is a website name with an emoji in it. That way, users can simply use their phone keyboards and type a couple of symbols, which could be easier to remember than remembering the name of the business or website.

The first emoji domains were created in 2001, and were “☮️.com” and “♨️.com”. However, many people also point to “💩.la” as being the actual first emoji domain, which was created in April of 2011. Additionally, Coca-Cola also experimented with an emoji domain marketing campaign in Puerto Rico back in 2015.

As of 2018, there was an estimated 25,000 registered emoji domains, which means that the possibilities are endless and it may be useful to hop on the emoji domain trend before it really reaches its full potential.

If you’re interested in investing and renting out a valuable emoji domain name, you can approach us at CloudName, where we offer a way for people to rent out valuable domain names without selling them.

That way, users on a budget can find quality taken domain names without busting the bank, and you get a form of passive income while still claiming ownership of the domain name. 

Why Do I Need An Emoji Domain?

So, now that you know what it is, you may be wondering what the big deal is and what you would do with an emoji domain in the first place. Well, one thing you may want to know is that an emoji domain could be your ticket to secure the future of your website.

Here are some important reasons why you may want to consider using an emoji domain name for your website;

They Are a New Language

Firstly, emoji domains are a new language. While emojis themselves have been around for a while, they only started to reach their full potential in recent years. Nowadays, almost all messages sent have emojis.

This is because emojis are different from words. Instead, they are images that communicate direct emotions between the sender and the receiver. There are many different ways to use emojis. You can use them to suggest something humorous, use emojis that accurately reflect your business or service, or even communicate full sentences only with emojis.

Currently, emojis are used all across different platforms. From private messaging to social media, to online forums and message boards, you’re bound to find some sort of emoji-related content everywhere you go on the internet.

There Are Tons of Emojis

Another reason you may want to use emoji domains is the endless possibilities they offer. Currently, there are over 2,666 different emojis. This gives you a seemingly endless stream of possibilities, but it is important to remember to ensure the domain is memorable and easy to write.

If you find the right balance between a unique emoji domain name and something that’s easy to type and remember, then you’ve hit the jackpot. When used properly, emoji domains can result in a much bigger wave of users visiting your website on a regular basis.

They Speak To a New Generation

One benefit of emoji domains is that they speak to the younger generation. If you’re hosting a website designed for younger people to explore, then an emoji domain is a great way to share your brand or message.

Unlike older generations, today’s generation grew up with emojis. They feel more natural and are easier to use for kids, which is why they are a great way to create a unique website for the future. On top of that, as time has passed, there are also a fair amount of young adults who use emojis all the time.

If you feel like your website isn’t connecting with the younger demographic, you can experiment with an emoji domain so you can start speaking their language.

How To Register An Emoji Domain

If you’ve decided that an emoji domain is the right option for you, you may be wondering how to register one for yourself. Fortunately, this process is fairly easy and we explore some of the options below.

However, do keep in mind that ICANN opposed emoji domains and this has limited the number of TLDs that can be used with emoji domains.

So, here are a couple of ways you can register your own emoji domain name.

Find TLDs That Support Emoji Domains

To start, you need to find TLDs that support emoji domains. As mentioned earlier, ICANN effectively banned certain TLDs from using emoji domain names. However, there are still top-level domains that offer emoji domain registration.

These include .ws, .st, and .fm. This does mean you have a limited choice. However, there is a workaround to this, which we will get to in the next section.

Use Punycode

Most domains only support ASCII characters for websites (the Latin alphabet excluding numbers and symbols). If you’re American, this isn’t a big deal, since you don’t need to use special characters anyway. However, for European and Asian languages, these extra symbols are essential. That’s why Punycode was created.

Emojis are Unicode characters. These are different from ASCII characters, but with Punycode, you can convert the Unicode character to ASCII characters. So, if you aren’t satisfied with the TLDs available for your preferred emoji domain, you can use this method.

So, to do this, you have to go to the Punycode website. From there, you can type in the preferred emoji domain, such as www.🙃.to into the converter, and you will receive an ASCII equivalent. In the case of our example, the ASCII equivalent is www.xn--b48h.to.

The benefit of using Punycode is that you can convert multiple emojis and create your own unique combinations that will stick in customers’ minds. On top of that, you can even combine ASCII characters with emoji characters to create a truly memorable website domain name.

And once you find the combination and ASCII equivalent that works for you, you can proceed to the next step.

Use A Domain Lookup Tool

After generating an alternate ASCII domain name, you can enter it into a domain lookup tool. That way, you can find if it is available or if someone owns it already. If someone already owns the domain name, you can approach them to buy or rent it out from there for a regular fee.

If your domain isn’t available, you can also try out different alternatives that still work for the design and concept of your website. It may take some trial and error to find a domain name that works for you or your business..

But once you find one, all that’s left to do is register it.

Register the Domain

Once you’ve chosen the right domain, you can register it online. There are many domain registration tools available online that will register the domain for you and you will simply need to follow their instructions and pay any relevant fees..

Are There Downsides To Emoji Domains?

So, since emoji domains may just be the next big thing for domain names, why shouldn’t you get one for your website or as an investment? Well, that’s because there are more than a few drawbacks to emoji domains, which is why they also suffer from a fair amount of criticism.

In this guide, we’re committed to providing you with the full picture of emoji domains, and not just the advantages. With that in mind, here are some of the downsides to using emoji domain names for your website or business.

A Limited Selection

While on one side emoji domains are creative and unique, the fact that ICANN spoke out against them means that there is a limited selection of TLDs that offer emoji domain registration.

This means that there are only so many combinations that you can select, and if you’re only reading about emoji domains now, chances are that many of the best options are already taken.

Limited Computer Access

Another downside to using emoji domains is that they are optimized for mobile users. Furthermore, today’s smartphone users would rather use dedicated apps as opposed to a browser to access a particular website or service. Think about it: would you rather go on Facebook using your mobile browser or use the app?

On the flip side, if you’re on your computer, using a multi-purpose web browser could just be the more practical option. And since most computer keyboards don’t have emoji options, they’ll likely have to type in the Punycode, which can be hard to remember. This can completely defeat the purpose of emoji domains in the first place.

Hard To Register

Aside from the limited TLD options for emoji domains, they can also be pretty hard to register. Since you need to generate a Punycode, you have to go to a separate website, get the code, use a domain lookup tool, then if the name isn’t available, you have to generate a new Punycode.

On top of that, the limited TLD options may make it hard to register the site. For example, finding a website to register a .ws or.st TLD can be hard. With that said, emoji domains are still a great way to stand out and you could be future-proofing your website.

So, while it takes some effort to register, if you find the sweet spot with emoji domains, it could be a great idea. And if not now, they may become more prominent in the future.


If you’re building a website, you may want to consider using an emoji domain. Currently, they aren’t as popular as other types of website names or domain extensions. However, they are a very unique way to stand out amongst the pack.

And if you’re trying to target a younger audience who grew up communicating with emojis, you can speak directly to a new generation through the emojis.

With that said, there are some disadvantages to using emoji domains. They are fairly limited and the process is a bit more complicated than for other domain names. However, for the right businesses and brands, they could be a great idea.

So, are emoji domains the right choice for you?

Well, the decision is all up to you, but at least you have a general idea of what they are so you can make an intelligent and informed decision for your website.

If you want to buy an emoji domain for your business, it’s worth mentioning that one of the Cloudname features is “Live Pricing”, which allows you to monitor the price of a domain and buy it at the best possible time.

If you’re looking for an investment, on the other hand, you can use the “Trend Spotting” feature to help you buy an emoji domain right before the demand rises.

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