Storytime: A Domainers’ Journey

Storytime: A Domainers’ Journey

What’s the secret of successful domainers?

What do they do, which sector do they work in?

How do they develop their domaining skills over the years?

Prakash, a Domain Name Investor and WordPress Developer tells us about his story as a domainer

Coming from a family of doctors, Prakash decided to try some other profession. After completing his Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (MBA) in IT & Systems in 2001, while most look out for a job, he was actually wanting to do something by himself. He did get an initial placement in an ISP where he worked for a short duration. But soon he stepped into the shoes of an independent professional wanting to do something himself. 

The gap in the market

He saw a scope for digital documentation which was scanning of records, creating a database with basic info, thus making a record easily searchable. Most did not understand the concept but many organizations like libraries and hospitals that were looking to archive content and search it faster, found the concept of digitization quite useful as they found that having digital records was quite user friendly and they could get data at the click of a button. 

Website Development & Domain Investment

Therein also started his initial journey of registering domains wherein he registered EpaperzIndia (and later migrated to He did not know much about domain trading at that time. 

He also started as a web developer as a part of client offering as many clients he contacted, also wanted a website done. Today he focuses on WordPress Content Management based websites and has clients across different countries. 

Initially, he started with developing domains like, which were getting a lot of traffic, but got busy with other projects and slowly stopped developing domains and focused on domain trading & investment. As he started developing websites for clients, he understood through articles and research about domain names and the value they hold. So, he slowly started investing in domain names. 

An established domainer

He got really involved in domaining through an interaction with his neighbor who was also into domains for a very long time and told him the basics of what kind of domains we need to invest in, how to sell and market domains. Slowly, his journey as a real domain investor began and he has sold quite some domains by now (not many but a couple each year). His policy is simple – Wait for a reasonable price, invest in domains you believe in (basically which can be developed into great sites) and let domains age. 

Discovering the potential of Cloudname

With domain investment came news of a new platform – Cloudname and their token $CNAME. He really liked the concept as the domain market is a huge market and with crypto it would only grow further. He has given a lot of suggestions and many have been implemented by Cloudname, too. Till date for the current year, he has already sold five domains including three through Cloudname and expects this to grow further as the world and business in general is getting more and more digital.

With more features like domain shared ownership which will allow part ownership in a domain, he believes that the opportunities in domaining are still unexplored or underutilized. With newer features, it will only grow further and increase investments into domains. His long-term expectation is that domains become a liquid asset like other investments so in case of an emergency, it can be liquidated at a reasonable price (which is really not possible today).

Cloudname is the innovative platform for online domain trading. Discover the world of Cloudname and everything you didn’t know about domain trading.

Cloudname is the innovative platform for online domain trading. Discover the world of cloudname and everything you didn’t know about domain trading.

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How does it work?

On 28/01/2023 a whitelist of eligible wallets will be published (any wallet holding $CNAME since before 27/01/2023 – NOTE: the tokens needs to be in a WALLET and not for example in an exchange)

Whitelisted users will be able to Redeem $CNAME directly on the Cloudname website.
The application page will allow users to connect their wallet and choose how many $CNAME to redeem.

Once the $CNAME are sent, users will immediately receive an email with a Freename promo code. Every promo code will be $100 max, and is not cumulative  (e.g. if you redeem $1,000 in $CNAME, you will receive 10x $100 promo-codes)

Happy Web3 TLDs and Domains Shopping!