What Domains Do Companies Use

What Domains Do Companies Use


As a business owner, other than creating a powerful marketing strategy, you’ll also want to polish your image online, and your domain name will play a big role in that. It goes without saying that there are both effective and ineffective ones, professionally-looking ones and not.

Your domain name is the first impression new customers, vendors, partners, and investors will have of your company. At the same time, it is also the address they will use to learn about, transact business, and refer others in the future.

The impact, appeal, credibility, and ease of use and remembrance of your domain name will contribute to or take away from your efforts. Like everything else in your business should you invest in the best you can afford?

The bigger the company and the brand, the more vital their domain becomes.

A good example is Cloudname which handles blockchain domains on the cloud, their domain recaps its scope very well.

This domain name is good for the business’s reputation, customers will tend to trust the brand more, and it ultimately is easy to remember. Needless to say, choosing the right domain name can also highly benefit the rankings on search engines.

But what domains do companies use, apart from their main one? You’ll be surprised to know that reputable companies have invested in less known, more generic domains in order to boost their online presence.


Let’s cover all the details to get inspired by tech giants and see what domains companies use.

After seeing all these international companies’ strategies owning powerful domain names, you’ll definitely be more interested and intrigued. In case you’re willing to purchase a good and reputable domain name but it isn’t available, you should consider an NFT domain. Other than owning the domain forever, there are no renewal fees among many other benefits.


AOL – Games.com

AOL has acquired the domain games.com for an undisclosed amount. The site was launched back in 2006 and it was bought from Infogrames/Atari who sold some of their assets at the time. A guest on a recent podcast who helped price the name put the value at $5 to $10 million..even back then.

Games.com has been around for years and is one of the most popular domains. The acquisition of games.com by AOL is a big move for the company and is sure to attract a lot of attention from gamers and users all over the world.


Apple – Next.com

Apple, specifically Steve Jobs, has reportedly acquired the domain next.com from the Next company back in 1996 for $400 million. Next was, back in 1996, a software company, and that purchase boosted the company’s reputation as well as the return of Steve Jobs at Apple.


AT&T – Mobile.com

AT&T is now the owner of the domain mobile.com. The telecommunications giant acquired the domain for an undisclosed sum. Mobile.com is one of the most valuable domain names in the world and has been registered since 1994. AT&T now uses mobile.com as a “central hub” for its mobile products and services.


Bank of America – Loans.com

Bank of America has purchased the domain loans.com and it’s one of the best marketing strategies the firm could have had. In fact, anyone looking for a loan and typing this domain name will end up on the bank’s website.


Bayer – Aspirin.com

Bayer is a pharmaceutical company and aspirin is one of their most famous medications. While Bayer keeps its main website for the remaining products, it took over the domain aspirin.com for this medication only, and we can easily see why they’ve made this decision.


BlackBerry – Good.com

BlackBerry has acquired the domain good.com and that meant a lot for their brand. Good is a domain that is perfect for promoting positive content, and BlackBerry’s team used it to promote a reputable and positive side for the brand and its products.


Calvin Klein – Shirt.com

The fashion giant Calvin Klein has taken over the domain shirt.com. This move is part of Calvin Klein’s larger strategy to expand its online presence and better compete with other fashion brands in the digital age.


Disney – Video.com

Disney acquiring the domain name video.com is a powerful marketing campaign as it has expanded its online presence. Of course, with its online streaming website Disney Plus, video.com has only had a great impact on its brand awareness.


Intel – Chips.com

Another tech company that boosted its online visibility is Intel, which acquired chips.com, one of the world’s most popular domain names. This move is seen as a strategic one by Intel, as they increased their reach in the semiconductor market.


L’Oreal – Hair.com

L’Oreal, a leading international cosmetics company, has purchased the domain hair.com. This is a strategic move as it looks to increase its sales and better serve its customers around the world.


MTV – Film.com

Naturally, video.com was already purchased by Disney so MTV made a strategic move and took over film.com. This was a big move for MTV, as film.com is a very popular website with potentially millions of visitors each month.


Nestlé – Meals.com

Nestlé, the company known for its dairy products, is taking over a more generic domain name to boost its online presence. Meals.com has been implemented as a website with tons of delicious recipes and their equivalent in Nestlé-related takeaway meals which, needless to say, is a powerful move.


Netflix – Fast.com

Netflix is one of the companies that invested in a domain that isn’t directly related to their services. In fact, fast.com is an internet speed checker and it goes without saying that users may check their speed before starting to broadcast a movie. Both domains make a great combination to increase both the user experience and the marketing campaign.


Toysrus – Toys.com

Toys “R” Us, while having a bankruptcy history in the US, is still thriving in some other countries and this is partly due to the investment of the toys.com domain. It’s not just any old domain they’ve taken over – it is one of the most valuable domains in the world. Though there are many other companies that want to take control of this valuable domain, Toys ‘R’ Us has managed to hold off these competitors and use it as a strong marketing tool.


Yahoo! – Love.com

Love.com is in a completely different industry than the giant Yahoo!, however, they have been buying up domains for the last few years. This purchase is just another in a long line of purchases that make them one of the world’s largest companies in the world in terms of an online presence.

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